Facing Anger

There are disruptions in our lives that can cause us to get angry. Sometimes we should be angry when we know its something that should not be happening. It’s our bodies responding to an event. The biggest thing we need to take to heart is to be angry but without sinning. Its like what Paul […]

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Life after a breakup/divorce

Any long term relationships and a marriage that ends, can be rough. Most people think after they go through a break-up is that they need to find another person quickly. They need the comfort of someone else. But…what about yourself? Can you not find comfort in yourself? Or better yet, what about finding comfort from […]

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Are you good at waiting?

The more people I know and talk to are impatient about things they want out of life. I used to be one. We all want more and more and are not satisfied until we get it. What do you want? We may want the next iPhone, a boat, a bigger house, more money, better friendships, […]

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Saving yourself!

I don’t know how many times I’ve heard these top three things before. Well I already had sex so it doesn’t matter anymore. I love sex too much to stop or I don’t want to wait anymore because I love him/her. Why is God no fun to make us wait? It is NEVER too late […]

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